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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens get messy fast! Before you know it, you may have a big mess that requires many hours of your time to clean up. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to maintain your kitchen in tip...

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Deep Clean Your Home This Raya!!

Raya is coming near, which means it's time to start deep cleaning thoroughly the whole house! But a question we always have is what is the difference between regular and deep cleaning.

Regular Clea...

28 May 2022
Events: Roadshow at KL EAST MALL
Visit us now at Dreame Roadshow to experience Dreame Vacuum Cleaners first-hand! Enjoy exclusive promotions and stand a chance to win amazing prizes over RM8000!
25 May 2022
Events: Roadshow at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
Visit us now at All IT Roadshow to experience the products and enjoy a great deal of Buy 1 Free 1 on selected products!
03 May 2022
Events: Roadshow at Gurney Plaza, Penang
Visit Dreame Roadshow now to experience the products first-hand and enjoy great deals on selected products!
07 Apr 2022
Kerjasama Uniqbe, Make-A-Wish Malaysia berjaya kumpul lebih RM77,000 untuk penuhi impian kanak-kanak berpernyakit kritikal
Pengedaran pembersih vakum Dreame Malaysia berjaya mengumpul RM77,000 untuk memenuhi impian kanak-kakak berpenyakit kritikal.
05 Apr 2022
Events: Roadshow at Signature Kitchen, BSC
Dreame had a roadshow at Signature Kitchen, BSC
05 Apr 2022
Events : Roadshow at Quayside Mall, Kota Kemuning
Dreame had a roadshow at Quayside Mall, Kota Kemuning